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What information do I need to provide for the graphic design service?

We want to make your graphic design process as simple and as smooth as possible. This means we will take all of the elements that will be involved in the design and arrange them according to a layout concept for you. Since we charge hourly for design projects and we are not creating several independent or unique designs for you to choose from, this allows us to keep costs low for you and to produce a display that reflects your company well in every aspect.

Before the project can start, you will receive a quote with the total of the order including an estimated design total and we do require payment authorization for this amount on file. You will not be billed until the project has been completed, though design time already rendered is billable in the event you decide to cancel the project. The sooner we receive your authorization, the sooner we can deliver the first proof and keep the project moving along.

After getting authorization we will need all of the elements involved in the design. This includes all images and logos that will appear on the display in high quality versions, as well as all text to be included. We will also need your general layout for the placement of these elements (whether this is an approximate sketch, an email with the description, or a “mock up” put together in another program).

If you are unsure if your images will work for the display, please check our section on Images.

If you still have some concerns or simply have questions about your artwork, feel free to give us a call to discuss them. We have designers on staff who can answer most of your design-related questions.

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