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Designing Your Trade Show Displays from Brochures?

When designing the graphics for new trade show displays, many people simply copy and paste the contents from their brochures. This is usually not recommended. Here's why.

You will only have a few seconds to capture your audience's attention and get your main message across at the trade show. Words are typically far less effective than graphics. Product brochures are often designed to educate a potential buyer to make an informed decision, so it inevitably requires more in-depth text descriptions.

Trade show booths are designed to have someone stationed at all times to answer questions, and most exhibitors will have the opportunity to hand out their brochures during the conversation.

A 2-step approach is more effective: use your trade show displays to grab the attention, and then the brochure to enhance your sales opportunity. To do so, you extract the key points from your brochure with supporting imagery. Imagery will be much more effective and inviting to your audience, bringing in more people in a way that text cannot.

I recommend that you use the same main images and color schemes for both your brochures and your trade show displays, whenever possible. However, please do resist the temptation to simply copy the contents from your product lectures. More often than not, it will result in a poor design that does not pull in customers to talk to your salesperson or read your brochure. Good luck selling at your next trade show!

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