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Trade Show Displays and the Virtual Market: Maximizing the Use of your Existing Displays

Life happens. From unexpected weather to a global health crisis, there are plenty of things outside of our control that can jeopardize our planning. The recent coronavirus outbreak shines a light on this reality. In the wake of the cancellation of almost all events, businesses are scrambling to find alternative ways to continue using the displays they already purchased for their trade show, but instead gear them towards the virtual market.

We are now entering an era that I have dubbed the “Laced Up from the Waist Up” Era. Virtual Zoom meetings are taking over the event industry & face-to-face sales presentations. When conducting these meetings or presentations, whether you are wearing long pants or not, you want to look your best. Although, being in these meetings mean you have limited visibility and may not be able to use the most out of the displays you already put your hard-earned money into, you can still use them. Whether you have a Popup Display, Retractable Banner Stand, or any sort of backdrop, your best bet is to turn it into a Zoom meeting background. Three design options that work well are:

  1. Landscape, Cityscape, or Office – As always, a neutral landscape/cityscape/or office view, is going to be professional while not being distracting to your client.
  2. Step-and-Repeat – The step and repeat design is what is most commonly seen at red carpet events or photo ops. Simply put, it is your logo(s) repeating in a pattern on the backdrop. This obviously will create a professional appearance while also displaying your brand to your audience.
  3. Green Screen – The green screen allows you to create unlimited amount of branding designs, landscapes/cityscapes, or any sort of silly imagery you would like to use.

There is no need to embarrass yourself in front of your customers with a background full of your dirty laundry, or family members peaking into the room distracting your potential clients. Sometimes, circumstances beyond our control jeopardize the in-person moment you had been planning, but the show must go on. While there is no perfect substitute for a canceled event, this alternative has shown unique benefits and can prove as or even more effective, than your original plan.

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