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4 Planning Tips Before your Exhibition

Trade show exhibiting can be overwhelming, especially if your show is fast approaching. The key to success is careful planning. Exhibiting at an exhibition is very different from attending one. To drive traffic to your booth and leave a memorable impression, you need to create a detailed game plan for your event activities.

Choosing the Right Show
With thousands of exhibitions taking place around the world, it’s important to choose the right one. Exhibitions are a great marketing tool, especially for increasing your brand awareness, launching a new product, and growing your customer base. BUT not all will be the right fit for your company. A good tip is to jot down a list of your exhibiting goals and use that to identify the shows that you think will best suit your business/brand.

Picking the Perfect Spot
You now know which event(s) you want to exhibit. It’s time to register and reserve your space. If you want to be in a prime, high-traffic spot, registering early is a must! This means at least 6 months before the show starts. A great idea is to check the venue schedule and take a visit during another trade show to get a feel for the place.

Get to Know the Competition
Ask the organizer for a list of confirmed exhibitors and check out your competition and floor neighbors. Most events make these lists available online. Find out more about your competitors. What products are they displaying? Are they planning any interesting at-show activities? Are they using interactive technology? It’s also good to establish a solid relationship with your neighbors. Communicate with each other, find out each other’s schedule and if possible, ask about their show experiences and booth design.

Make an Impact
Planning is essential to maximizing your return on investment. Unique design, striking content, and engaging activities are all essential to make your event a success. When planning for your booth design, always aim for individuality. What are your communication objectives? Develop a display theme that conveys that message and captures the audience’s attention.

Don’t forget to consider your lighting needs. Lighting is often overlooked by many exhibitors. Highlighting certain areas of your display means that the attendee’s eyes will automatically be drawn to your particular products or services. Read our blog Backlit Lights and How to Effectively Use Them for the best tips for lighting your displays.

Remember, folks, failing to plan is planning to fail! Setting your exhibition strategy and identifying the role trade shows will play within your overall marketing and sales strategy is critical and should be done as soon as possible. Taking the time to plan out exactly what you’re looking to achieve and following a few simple planning steps will ensure you get the most success out of your event.

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