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Top Literature Displays

When you’ve got a message to spread to an audience face-to-face, you not only need to impress them with what you say and how you say it, but you need to send something along with them when they go to remind them. This is common sense stuff, and what it means is that in situations like this – say, at a trade show – you will need to present your prospects with brochures or some type of literature that they can take with them. And of course, you need a way to present your brochures, etc. in a professional manner. Enter the “z-shaped” literature display stand. This portable brochure display maintains a clean look and styled designed, while still functioning on a higher level. While the brochure rack looks great standing up, it works great folding down to into a compact size. Then it fits right into a tidy carrying case. You can even collapse the lit rack with items still in it, so when you arrive at your next show it is pre-loaded!

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