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Life of a Traveling Trade Show Man (or Woman)

It’s at the turn of the New Year when we pick up the story. They start out fresh, excited and willing to put forth all their energy towards there trade show campaign. The first show goes great. The booth looks fantastic and like it was put together by a professional. Never mind the 3 hours it took to set-up and surely don’t think about the 3 hours it will take to tear-down. There is no time for that. They must push their business to show attendees. But if we fast forward to the third or fourth show this poor soul endures, we see a different person all together. Their gut is a bit bigger from eating–out every meal. Bags are under their eyes from a lack of sleep, likely from the noise heard from adjacent hotel rooms. Their energy is low and their display suffers because of it, not to mention the number of solid sales pitches they make at the show.

This can be an endless cycle for a traveling trade show man (or woman) when their marketing material is too much for one person to handle. That is why at DoTradeshow.com we offer the highest-quality portable displays in the market today. We understand the plight of a traveling trade show man (or woman) and have designed and manufactured our displays to ease that burden. So don’t get disheartened with your cumbersome and likely old, displays. Purchase NEW portable displays from DoTradeshow.com and keep your sanity intact.

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